Monday, July 7, 2008


I had another Healing Touch session today.  My friend Cindi has been doing this with me for a long time, and it just gets better and better.  All my bones seem to have melted this evening, and I'm getting ready for a very early bed.  It rained hard this afternoon, and the evening air smells delicious.

Two pieces of good news that don't have a thing to do with guts or anything medical.  One is that I have had an article accepted by the Harvard Educational Review.  We start doing the editorial work immediately, with a publication date about 4 months from now.  It's a piece I co-wrote with Sue Marinucci.  We both feel quite smart!

And I just got word that I have been accepted for a week's writing retreat at the Banff Centre in September.  Did a happy dance on that one, too.

I've been making a list of things I want to write.  It feels good to have one of them almost done, and another pointing the way to Banff.  When I get fingerbones back, maybe I'll share some of what's on the list.  

Or does that jinx it? I started the list when I just thought it was a good way of getting my mind organized.  I didn't realize that Lists are another one of those Oprah/Secret/Louise Hay things that have popped into being as some kind of other life form I know nothing about.  Anybody else make lists, and how come, if you do???


Judy said...

Congratulations to my brainy friend from one who is verbally or should I say written word challenged. I am much better at proof reading, rewriting and adding to Ken's wonderful ramblings than I am at starting from scratch myself.
Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days.
Love & Blessings
Judy & Ken

kenc said...

Another Test

kenc said...

Hey Pat!

You were up real early this morning as youremail was dark time ofthe night!

J said...

Oh congratuLAtions!!! That is so exciting! And as much as you have already been published, it sounds as if the excitement never changes for you. Awesomeness. I for one would love to see that list...I think that "making the list" is the one of the first steps in breathing something to life. It...concretizes the thing, somehow.

Hmmm so you know in the bible where it says God make the world and you think he had a list? ;)