Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barclay Had a Better Adventure

Well, for all the ongoing efforts to manage my bowel distress, I have ended up in hospital with another partial obstruction.  It was quite dramatic.  Tuesday I greeted the morning with a big throw-up, so my palliative doctor came over to see what was going on--and I did it again, only this time all over her.

I do not think it was the most diplomatic route I could have chosen to get someone's attention, and I sincerely hope she remains on speaking terms, especially because she needed to finish her day wearing a pair of my lime green cargo pants.

In the past week I was back to not eating much, but they have started the artificial feeding again, and I think I am back on the planet.  Sharon and Pam are visiting this afternoon, and I popped up in bed announcing that I needed to post something. Clearly, things are looking up!

Sherri has just stopped in to say hi.  I will close off this miserable attempt to type on a food tray.  Doesn't improve the typing any more than the  food.

Just wanted the loop open


Genevieve said...

Pat, so pleased to read your blog today. Please know that I am with you in every way except physically and that if ever you feel the urge to see my face, just say the word and I'll be on my broom in a New York minute.

Your resilience is an inspiration.



Lisa said...

Pat, I've just received your blog (thanks Sherri!) and you should be pleased to know that I gave up work this afternoon to read it cover to cover... or is it page to page, what is the terminology for a blog? I'm glad to be in your blog loop but want you know that you have been much in my thoughts and heart lately. So, even if I've been absent in comments, I have been with you in other ways.
Love to you,