Monday, June 23, 2008

Rats 2, Pat 1

Just a quick note to update you on my day.  Having written my brains out yesterday during my spa weekend with Sharon, I got pretty quiet today.  I actually hadn't slept well Sunday night because my head was full of other stories I wanted to tell.

Writers' curse, a sort of brain cramp.

So today I stayed close to home, enjoying the company of my friend Georgia and napping as often as the cats.  One of the realities of living with stuff like this is that you really do have to take things one day at a time.  Planning becomes an exercise in creating fiction.  One good day doesn't follow another--and nor can I be certain that a bad day won't disappear with the sunrise.

Or more accurately, I try to find ways not to think of days as good or bad.  They each have their own character, and when I can meet my body where it actually is, rather than where I want it to be or try to force it to be, I can remain calmer, and sometimes even a bit curious about what today's changes bring.

I think years of meditation may actually have made a difference.  But that's always up for grabs, too!

I'm also going to try and change a setting in the part of the blog that lets people comment.  I seem to have left a default setting that is keeping everyone out.  Not good.  Now you will get to see whether I can think my way through permissions.  I was never any good at it before, so we may have to wait to be rescued by Sharon before you can comment.  But give it a try, and if it works in the next half hour, I will take all the credit


Mary Cameron said...

loving you to bits in newfoundland... xox

LNG said...

And in rainy Nova Scotia...