Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inspiring Blog

My friend Trudy Boyle has a real blog.  She is chronicling the first hundred days of her treatment for breast cancer, and her blog is a work of art.  Trudy is an amazing writer, and she includes gorgeous photos, intriguing links to things she is reading or would like to read.  I love her apologies to her hair, and her latest discovery that spending time with her granddaughter drove her white counts, usually in the post-chemo toilet, so nicely up in the normal range that her doc thought they might have got someone else's results instead!

Pop over to Joyful Wrecks and enjoy!

Maybe if I had a camera it might help??? Although given my musings of late, it actually hard to imagine how that could be a good thing.  

1 comment:

PamJam said...

Well, Patty, I just noticed that your blog background is BROWN. LOL

I shall have to get out my camera and look for inspirational manure pictures....