Monday, June 30, 2008

Arriba, Arriba: This one's for Mary

Mary is my die-hard soccer fan.  She was a fierce competitor in her day, with the knees to show it, and amazing loyalty to her favorite international team, Real Madrid, which hasn't won a major tournament since 1964.

Mary's not even that old.

A few years ago, Sharon and I were in Madrid with instructions to bring back something from Real Madrid: a team poster, a scarf, a noisemaker. We were such soccer virgins we thought Real Madrid was a place in the city, maybe near the big outdoor market near the city centre.

''Real Madrid?" we would ask, pointing uselessly in all directions in that dorky tourist way.

And people would point around too, trying to get us to focus on the kiosks and little shops that contained exactly what we wanted.  We just couldn't see it for looking at it.

So a St. John's toast to Mary and the boys.  I hope you aren't sober for days!

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Mary Cameron said...

When you and Sharon told me how you looked for the place "Real Madrid" I couldn't stop laughing. Yes. My two jock friends.... the only time in my entire life that I actually knew something you two didn't! (and even then I had a slight suspicion that you might just be humoring me). But you persevered and came back bearing lots of Real Madrid goodies!

Yes, many in St. John's were thrilled with the victory. Well, ok. It was exciting at my house anyway. I've made the dogs wear Spanish soccer jerseys; fat kitty Sophie is still sporting the scarf you brought me back from your journey. Maggie asked for a bottle of red (of course) Spanish wine and she continues to sip from it. She's quite dexterous with her paws. We've eaten nothing but tapas and rice... and of course we continue to drink muchos cafés españoles! Katy is becoming addicted to the caffeine... Austin, to the alcohol. What crazy canines.

Glad you caught a whiff of the excitement! The Spanish team is not terrible to look at either, mind you. Not that I was looking.... :-)

XOX from St. John's....

Mary, who is thinking of changing her name to Maria in honour of this victory.

P.S. Grassy ass for the post!!!