Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Memorium

Patricia Anne Haidenger Clifford died at Calgary, Alberta on August 12, 2008. She was a survivor of ovarian cancer for over 6 years, and received over 80 chemotherapy treatments. She published a book of poetry on life with cancer, Embracing Brings You Back. She spoke to doctors and medical students on the experience of being a cancer patient.

Although a fierce patient advocate for ovarian cancer, Pat did not wish final memories of her to be that of an ovarian cancer patient. It is her past as an educator, writer, and good friend that was of most importance to her. Here is her obituary:

"Pat Clifford died at Calgary, Alberta on August 12, 2008. She lived her life well, as a teacher, educator and writer. She filled her life with family, friends and colleagues, and in turn filled their hearts. She leaves a gift to us in her teaching, scholarly writing, poetry and stories. As a teacher, Pat was steadfast in her belief that each child had the right to succeed brilliantly, and brought to them her own love of literature, writing and history. As a daughter, she supported her mother with laughter, empathy, and a kind listening ear at all times. As a sister and aunt, she was certain in her love. As a friend, she was loyal, up for great conversation, and a good time. In her flamingo shirt and red shoes, she entered a room with presence, wit, and a good story to tell. She still fills that room with her energy, even though her body can no longer support the life she lived."

A memorial service was held at the University of Calgary, Rozsa Centre on Friday, August 15, 2008. It can be heard at this site .

At Pat's request, donations should be made to the Patricia Clifford Scholarship Endowment Fund at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pam!

Was not able to download the memrial service seems to be an error at the website.

Any timing for a memorial srvice in Saskatoon?

Ken & Judy

Pam said...

We're still waiting to figure out the date for Saskatoon -- it will likely be mid-September if Lauren can get her flight changed. Otherwise it will be at the end of September.

I will ask Sharon about the link.

Anonymous said...

Judy and I are in Colorado Springs, CO September 21 to 24th so before or after that would work well for us.
Had a long chat with Sheena tonight, it was good for closure.

How are you folks doing! We are getting rain here which is a blessing!

ken & Judy

Sharon said...

Pam, remove the period off the end of your link.

The link is http://www.galileo.org/pat_c_memorial_2008.mp3

pamjam said...

Thanks to Sharon's suggestion, the link is now working!

Anonymous said...

Pam & Sharon!

Thank you very much for recording the awesome memorial service and posting it to the blog.

What a great celebration of pat's life and accomplishments!

Ken & Judy

Lauren said...

One more familiar lesson from Pat: punctuation always matters.

Thanks so much for posting the recording. The music and stories were beautiful; I wish that I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you Pam and your family, in this time of sorrow.

Take care.

Mike Haidenger

LNG said...

I think of Pat every single day. Many times, I've wanted to pick up the phone and just have a good old chin-wag like we often did. We talked about anything and everything-- that 45-year-old glue is what kept us together. If I phoned, I'd tell her about the Bowman reunion she missed, and we'd laugh about the antics (such as the red shoes I bought to put in the middle of the table to stand in for her), I'd tell her how much I've been grieving, and what day-today things have reminded me of her. I'd tell her I think about Sharon and Pam all the time and wonder how they're doing. I'd tell her about another (mutual) friend who just
underwent a mastectomy. We'd talk about ideas, and foolish people, and our own foolish hearts. We'd talk about writing. We'd guffaw.

That's part of what's hard-- Pat's just the dear friend I would call to talk about how hard it is to lose a dear friend.


LNG said...

and that should be "day-to-day," not
"day-today." That was another thing: typos and wrong words drove us both crazy. We'd redo something entirely if there were errors.

So, Pat, given that Banff is starting up this week and there are a couple of people there I know who'd love to have met you, here's to the details of editing.


Anonymous said...

shattered by this news...I have just returned to Australia from walking the ancient trade routes in the Liguarian Alps..no emails until now...Pat was a participant in my PhD research and her image 'hearbroken' told of her initial diagnosis...Her life was a gift to many...and I share the loss...Anna

Elke said...

Dearest Pat,

More than on other days, I think of you today and will share stories with Bjorn of the amazing woman you are, as well as of our wonderful adventures. He too would have loved to know you.

You are loved,


DAVID HAAS said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam,

Pat enriched my life and touched every heart in my family. She brought life and laughter, joy and music everywhere she went.


Heather said...

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oceamus said...
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oceamus said...

Mrs. Clifford was my elementary school teacher. I just learned about this tragic event today, and felt I needed to express how much of an impact on my entire life this Woman has had. Teacher's like her, are a rare breed; the kind of Teachers who truly inspire their students to see greatness in themselves. I just graduated from University with a Degree in Computer Science two weeks ago, and I truly believe, that without the compassionate, caring, loving, nurturing, PATIENT and heart felt instruction I received from this Woman when I was in my most vulnerable years, I would never have been able to see the true academic, and human potential which resides within me.

God Bless you Patricia Clifford, you will always be in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.

-Zachery Aaron Whyte